Bingo is a much older game than is believed, its origins date back to 1530 , the year in which the first lottery in history appeared.

The first version of the game, as we know it today, dates back to 1929, when the American trader Edwin Lowe , playing ” Beano “, got a win and shouted Bingo by mistake ! A term that amused, liked and immediately convinced everyone.

The ancestor of bingo (or at least of the game as we know it today) is therefore the Beano , a name that derives from the term “bean”, or bean, since dry beans were used to indicate the numbers on the cards, a little ‘as you do with those of the Tombola , which is a close relative of Bingo (or simply its Italian version).

Keno and Tombola

The history of Bingo is more interesting than you think, as the popular game has also served to generate significant revenue for the state in some countries. Works of considerable historical interest, such as the Great Wall of China , were built with the proceeds of Keno , a game very similar to Bingo.

In Keno the cards are made up of 9 vertical and 3 horizontal lines and the numbers generally range from 1 to 90, just like in Italy it happens with the Tombola , unlike our game, however, in the Chinese one you can usually buy only one card for player.

Evolution of Bingo

As has happened to many casino games (and not only) , Bingo has also changed and evolved over time , up to the popular pastime that we all know today.

In many Italian cities you can find Bingo halls , which are even more popular in the USA and other countries. Then there is the Online Bingo , like that of GiocoDigitale, which allows everyone to play, have fun and win, from the comfort of their own home, or wherever they prefer.

In the past, the extraction took place between 75 numbers, and often in the USA this aspect remains unchanged, while in the version commonly played in Italy, even online, the extraction takes place, as for the Tombola, on 90 numbers.

Certainly from a graphic point of view Bingo is constantly evolving , especially since it landed online, but its nature as a “lottery” has always remained unchanged.

It is a very easy game , suitable for everyone, which is based solely on luck . We have all played Tombola at least once in our lives, perhaps spending family celebrations. Bingo allows you to find that same carefree fun, whenever you want, from the comfort of your home, thanks to 100% reliable and safe websites. The extraction of the numbers takes place through the use of powerful software constantly monitored by our State Monopolies.

Then there is also the aspect of winning that certainly should not be underestimated, but as always we prefer to focus on the exclusively playful one, reminding you to always play responsibly.

Blackjack: the house rules

Under the rules of Blackjack for the dealer, the dealer is required to play the hand in a certain way, as he has no alternative. In fact, he is required to observe a rule that determines the score on the basis of which he must continue to take the card.

For the rules the dealer must stop if he scores at least 17

The general rule is that the dealer must stop, if he scores at least 17. In this case, in fact, the dealer must continue with the game until he scores 17 or more.

The Ace in Blackjack, depending on the course of Victory6666 game, is worth 1 or 11. For example, if the dealer has the Ace and the 8 comes out of the deck, he totals 19 and therefore must stop. Same thing if he gets the Ace-6 combination, as he reaches a score of 17. Obviously, if the dealer goes over 21, he busts and the stake goes to the player.

If, on the other hand, after the Ace, other low cards come out consecutively, such as 5 and 7, in total he gets a score of 13. In this case, in fact, the Ace is worth 1 and therefore, the dealer will have to continue to throw cards until a score of 17 or more is obtained.

Some exceptions that apply in some casinos: the dealer must hit with a soft 17

In the game of Blackjack , soft is when you hit a hand containing an Ace, without busting. There is a soft 17, therefore, if after the Ace a 6 (A, 6) or two 3 (A, 3,3) or three 2 (A, 2,2,2) is drawn from the deck. In such cases, the Ace is worth 11 and the total is 17.

Each gambling house determines whether or not to give the dealer the possibility to ask for another card with a soft 17, often indicated with s17 as opposed to h17 which means hard 17. Obviously, this information is clearly visible to the player on the green carpet of the Blackjack table, especially if you play Live Blackjack.

These aspects also vary depending on the software house that provides the game. For example, the giant of world gambling, Playtech , in the case of Lucky Blackjack, indicates on the green carpet that the dealer must roll up to 16 and stand on all 17s. Same thing goes for the Blackjack-Pro of the Swedish Netent and variants of 888 Holdings and other brands operating on the Italian legal online gambling market.

When a casino goes from s17 to h17, the chances for the dealer to beat the player increase by about 0.2% .

If the dealer doesn’t bust, in fact, for most of the times he manages to score more than 17, beating his opponent at the table.

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